LeapIN: The Final Leap!

Posted on July 7, 2017 by Alex Jaworiwsky

Well, nine weeks sure flew by!

The Final Celebration

On July 5th, Leap Junction and the LeapIN cohort celebrated in style with a luncheon and special popup on Fanshawe’s campus. Everyone set up their booths just as they would at a trade show, and demonstrated for the attendees the progress they had made with their businesses.

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We were also so excited to share the Final Leap numbers with our attendees – numbers that indicated just how hard everyone had worked to cram their brains full of knowledge. If you were unable to attend, here are some of the highlights.

For How Long and How Many

LeapIN is a part time incubator running for nine weeks every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. For our inaugural year, we hosted 10 entrepreneurs comprised of students, graduates, and community members.

Teachers and Students

The amount of workshops delivered both by dedicated staff members as well as inspiring community members speaks for itself. Who knew all that could be crammed into nine weeks?

The Travelling Incubator

One of the most unique aspects of our incubator was the travelling component. We spent time in four locations across London: UnLondon, Innovation Works, TechAlliance, and of course our home base, Fanshawe College! Bringing our entrepreneurs out into the community and giving them the chance to explore a variety of spaces, passions, and support systems was a great experience and we appreciate our hosts for their knowledge and open arms!

Show Me the Money!

Our entrepreneurs are go-getters! They know how to work a crowd, set up events, and sell their hearts out! What may be even more exciting than this number is …

This number! $60,000 in sales in just nine weeks!


We also encouraged our leapers to pitch their ideas as much as possible. After participating in Anna Foat‘s 60 Second Pitch Workshop, hosted by TechAlliance, we saw great improvement. Now every single one of our cohort can tell you about their business in sixty seconds or less. Just ask!

Unique to LeapIN is this particular number. Richard Gracious of Mountain of Wolves and Gracious Records played 11 shows while in the incubator.

What We Learned

In their final presentations, we heard from our cohort and these three things seemed to stand out:

  1. There’s no such thing as too much knowledge. You just have to sort it out and grow your ideas from all those seeds!
  2. An intensive program small enough to get down to the bone of all their businesses is very helpful.
  3. Community is everything when starting a business and Fanshawe College is a great place to make those connections!