Leap Junction Does Good!

Posted on July 18, 2017 by Alex Jaworiwsky

Thursday July 13th was a day for the Leap Junction history books with help from Toast! London and some very helpful Leapers.

Toast! London

Toast! London is a  monthly dinner event hosted by Paula Morand and produced by Victoria Craig. Participants are invited to dine, network, and learn from the latest local visionaries. At the beginning of 2017, Paula and Victoria decided to introduce a new aspect to Toast!: The Do Good Challenge.

The Do Good Challenge

Every month, a crisp $100 bill is provided by Toast! to go out and do some good in the community. Last month, Nicole Snobelen, founder of Evelynn and The Abby Fund – and one of our LeapIN cohort – took that challenge back to us at Leap Junction with an added and very generous donation of another $100 bill from Brett T Lucier & Krystal Lee Moore.

The next step was the idea.

Doing Good with Kids

Our good was kid-driven. We wanted to host a carnival-like day for kids and we wanted to do it in a community that may not have the same resources that we  were accustomed to. Nicole Coenen of North Cut Studios has a particular connection with the Limberlost community and reached out to the coordinators there. A date was set and with that, we picked our activities.

It was important to us that we focus on two things: healthy, sustainable eating and taking what you have and making it what you want.

Our first activity was a Paint and Plant Your Own Pot to encourage gardening. This was complimented with a snack table of healthy food that you could (mostly) grow yourselves. There may have been a few muffins on the table, but that’s because muffins are delicious and it’s also important to treat yourself!


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We also encouraged their creativity with fort building! It was Greg of Fr8 Living’s idea to go around to all of the appliance retailers and collect their cardboard boxes to help the kids build their own town. They constructed and designed their castles and they were beautiful!

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Button making, a Do What The Duck Says station and an appearance from the London Batman who took pictures with the kids and signed autographs were also highlights to an incredible day.

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The beautiful photographs were taken by Suzanne Carroll, another one of our Leapers. She has a particular talent for capturing the effortless joy the day brought out in all of the children – and our volunteers!

Our Toast!

We presented our Do Good Challenge to July 17th’s Toast! London crowd. It was an absolute pleasure to share the stage with Twee Brown, Andrew Lawton, and Melinda Grant. Their stories were uplifting, inspirational, and highlighted the changes that doing good and sharing stories can have on any community.

If you haven’t had the chance to attend Toast! London, come out next month to see one of our long-time-Leapers, Kelvin van Rijn, share his story. And we challenge you to take the Do Good Challenge.