leap junction movie night: generation startup

Posted on March 9, 2017 by Alex Jaworiwsky

Thanks to everyone who came out for our Generation Startup film screening!

The film follows six entrepreneurs who are working at startups in Detroit, Michigan: Dextina (Rock Ventures), Brian & Avery (Banza), Labib (Mason), Kate (Grand Circus), and Max (Castle). The film inspired but it also educated.. There was a clear emphasis on the need for young people to go into the workforce with new ideas, technologies, and passion and to build businesses from the ground up. Our economy is changing and so must our career paths. But it was also a warning: startup ventures are difficult, uphill battles and it takes a very determined person or group of people to keep it going.

And in that same vein of education, the film emphasised that it is not just the company that goes through certain struggles, but the people that work there. We saw a lot of human hardships that we sometimes forget go into even the most successful of companies. The film was so relatable to so many of us for this reason alone.

After the film, we also had a great conversation regarding our own startups and ideas and what we took away from the characters and their stories.

Generation Startup is a story of success and failure but also a reminder that we learn from each victory and each stumble. Keep up the conversation with #IAmGenStartup.