stone soup 2017

Posted on March 9, 2017 by Alex Jaworiwsky

the story of the stone soup

The Stone Soup fable is an old one but and important one for budding entrepreneurs.

A traveller comes to town with nothing to eat and asks the villagers if they have anything to share. Experiencing no luck, the traveller sits in the middle of the town square and drops a stone into the pot. With curiosity piqued, villagers come out and ask to participate in the soup, bringing carrots, chicken, beans, noodles, and spices to compliment the traveler’s stone. They all then dine on the Stone Soup!

stone soup with leap junction

So what is the moral of the story when it comes to entrepreneurship? Your stone is your idea, but an idea isn’t all you need to make a great business. You need your seasoned planners, your creative carrots, your techie chickens, some bean counters, and of course a business noodle to make it a full Stone Soup – and a thriving business.

It’s important to remind budding entrepreneurs that their skills and their passions will fuel their business, but no one is good at everything. It is important to pull resources from our community in order to succeed and make connections so that the business can grow.

at the event

The afternoon started with a keynote from Kelsey Ramsden, Profit Magazine’s Female Entrepreneur of the Year (2014 & 2015). We were all wowed by her relatable experience and constructive advice on how to be the best entrepreneur you can be at any stage of the game. Her insight and honesty were powerful motivators and we all walked away inspired to keep pushing forward in our entrepreneurial pursuits.

Following Kelsey’s keynote, the networking portion of the event was held at Saffron’s where Fanshawe’s hospitality students blew us away with delicious soup and extraordinary service. While dining on delicious soup, attendees set out on a scavenger hunt to find community members and fellow students with different talents and passions to complete their recipe cards for success.

Overall, the event was a great success and participants walked away with new connections and a fire in their bellies to continue to work on their dreams. We’re excited to see what next year brings!